Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mathilde enters in her thirty

Sorry, we haven’t updated the Blog for a while. But a few events worth being mentioned have happened in the past days, and, as good bloggers, we are going to duly report them.

Last week we celebrated Mathilde’s thirtieth birthday. And as you are thirty only once in your life, we celebrated the event properly.

On Sunday evening, our hosts in Bandhavgarh surprised us with a proper Indian birthday celebration, complete with Indian birthday cake and Indian ‘happy birthday’ jingle.

On Monday evening we treated ourselves by going to what is considered the best Indian restaurant in Delhi. Apparently Clinton had a four-course dinner here during his official visit in 2000, and the four-course meal he ordered is now presented in the menu as the ‘Presidential meal’. For the records, Clinton had a heart attack in 2004 (and,if I am not wrong, another one more recently). We thus limited ourselves to one-course only.

The evening concluded with a surprise party at our home, during which Mathilde had her chocolate cake and her thirty candles to blow out.

Ah, there is no better way to conclude your first thirty (or to begin your next thirty) than with a chocolate cake!

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  1. Happy birthday Mathilde!!!
    I can assure that
    - people borne in April
    - who are Aries
    - who have at least a "5" in their birthday date
    are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!