Monday, April 12, 2010

We saw the tigers. And so did they...

Pictures of our trip to Bandhavgarh National Park now available on: (please, be indulgent if the tigers look small in our pictures: we only had my portable camera with us. But be assured they were pretty close!).

Do also have a look at two short videos we took: and They are not Discovery Channel’s documentaries, but still they give you an idea of our close encounters with those - as an Indian mama defined them - "big orange cats with stripes"...


  1. noi abbiamo visto pecore e capre a cowboyland...

  2. ah, dimenticavo... firmato: silvia

  3. ho dato un'occhiata al sito. bello, la prossima volta ci vengo anch'io :)

  4. Povere tigri! ma non vi sentivate dei guardoni?

  5. un po' si, anche se ci e' sembrato che le tigri siano un po' narcise, e che tutto sommato facesse loro piacere essere al centro dell'attenzione...

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