Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off to Sri Lanka

With the sudden perspective of leaving India soon, I started noting down the things that I would have liked to do and that I have not done yet.

While I just managed to do some of them* (and getting organized to do some other), I sadly realized that I will not be able to do most of them. Too many things to do and to see. One life would probably not be enough - let alone a few weeks.

Anyway, within this context Sri Lanka has in the past months increasingly tickled my fantasy. Vivid colours, ruins of ancient cities, Buddhist temples, lush rainforests, white sand beaches... A trip to Sri Lanka was however one of things that, however attractive, I knew I had to postpone to another time - if not to another life.

But never say never. Taking advantage of the Diwali long-week-end and of a few last-minute tickets, Riccardo and I are just about to board - destination: the ‘former Cylon’.

It will be just a tasting - but surely better than nothing. We’ll be back on Sunday eve, hopefully with a few nice pictures and some good stories to tell.

(*) I took the Delhi metro for the first time over the week-end for instance: an experience (a post on it soon).

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