Sunday, November 28, 2010

Varanasi (2)

Undoubtedly Varanasi has its charm. The image of the city that emerges from the night's mist at dawn seen from a rowing boat in the middle of the Ganges is somehow surreal. The image of the lights of the fires that are lightened along the banks of the Ganges at night to cremate the corpses of the devotees is somehow ancestral. And the image of the Ghats corroded by generations and generations of Hindus that have repeated over centuries and centuries the same rituals is indeed mystical.

But as for India (with the exception of Ladakh perhaps), as much as I found Varanasi interesting, stimulating, ‘different’, I could not fall in love with it.

It was definitively worth visiting Varanasi, and we are happy to have chosen it as the destination of our last week-end in India. But if not even Varanasi has been able to light our heart, perhaps time has really come for us to leave...

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  1. Just a little precision, Matteo should have written "if not even Varanasi has been able to light my heart"... Indeed I am still in love with India even if Matteo thinks it is because I didn't spent enough consecutive time there... I am actually thinking to go back there on vacations with friends soon... Math (the other M&M's)