Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bye-bye Delhi

My last picture of Delhi: Chanakya Puri's tree-lined avenues, on my way to the airport

The 10 things that I will miss more of Delhi:

- My lunches with Shairi

- Our dinners + Risk at Massi and Muna’s

- Our Friday lunches at Amici

- Our Sunday afternoon runs with Riccardo and Toshi in Lodi Garden

- Our ‘Bollywood’ evenings lounged about on our couch

- Our Saturday breakfasts on our terrace

- Chanyaka Puri’s tree-lined roads in October and November

- The Ford Foundation’s pool

- The ‘Indian miracle

- Pansigh

The 10 things that I will miss less of Delhi:

- The people pushing and cutting the line while queuing

- The traffic

- The unceasing honking

- The pollution

- The 48 degrees for six months a year

- The 10 degrees inside the house for two months a year

- Fighting with each taxi driver, tuk-tuk driver, or rickshaw driver

- The people throwing the garbage out of their car because ‘anyway, there are those paid to clean’

- The people spitting out of the windows of the bus when I am passing close by with my scooter

- The food


  1. Buffo che non rimpiangerai il cibo indiano, ma molte delle cose che rimpiangerai siano comunque legate a momenti conviviali...

  2. alla fine le cose che ci legano ad un luogo sono anche (o soprattutto?) legate alle persone con cui condividiamo quel luogo...

  3. I miss our lunches too!! I was pleasantly suprised to see that on your list :) Looking forward to hearing your news of Roma...Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and Mathilde!