Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Off to Railay Beach,Thailand

Wrapped-up my stuff, handed over my work, paid my bills, closed my bank account, sold my scooter, taken leave from my friends and colleagues (and from my thick hair), I decided to fulfil an old dream and to allow myself a couple of weeks rock-climbing in Railay - arguably one of the (if not ‘the’) top climbing spots in the world.

The next two weeks will serve me to enjoy a hobby that I love very much but that I have never had time to practice it as much as I would have liked, to relax and clear my mind before starting a new job* that apparently will be very demanding, to put in order our pictures, perhaps to finally read ‘Delitto e Castigo’ (Crime and Punishment). But also to let my thoughts settle and reflect calmly and thoroughly on my experience in India.

Delhi is miles away, but do expect a few more posts on India in the next weeks...

(*) Sorry, I know I have not yet revealed what our next destination will be, but it’s only a little superstition. My appointment is subject to medical clearance, and I am waiting the results of my exams. So, please be patient for a few days more. As soon as the appointment is official, we will announce our next destination J


  1. L'industria mondiale degli scooter sembra dipendere dai tuoi continui trasferimenti! :-)

  2. in effetti...

    btw, saro' a milano dal 19-26/12 - magari questa volta riusciamo a beccarci!

  3. volentieri, io dovrei partire per Ascoli il 24... e un weekend di febbraio o marzo a Roma ci vado di sicuro, dovesse essere quella la destinazione!