Thursday, December 2, 2010


- To celebrate
- To see how I look like
- To hide the gray hair
- Because I was told that bald men are sexier
- To be lighter when I climb
- To strengthen the new growth
- Because I couldn't do it shorter than this
- Because I didn’t do the military service
- To be more hydrodynamic
- Because I’m bad, I’m bad - you know it - I am bad...
- To save at the hairdresser
- To get used to how I will look like in a few years
- To prevent lice
- To save shampoo
- To see how I would look like if I were a Buddhist monk (or a Hare-Krishna)
- Because what matters is ‘the inside’
- Because anyway they will re-grow (eventually)*
(*) hopefully...


  1. It seems to me you put too much meaning into it. It's just an haircut, and they were quite short already...

    Chloe (an occasional and interested reader)

  2. @ Clemence: quite the opposite - I did it because Mathilde is not here, and by the time we'll meet again at Christmas, they will be re-grown.

    Why would I want to piss Mathilde off?

    @ Chloe: welcome to our Blog. If you knew the crisis it created my haircut (which I agree, it is just an haircut), you would understand the reason of the post...

  3. I knew it, - because Mati was not there!

  4. well done, to eliminate your lice it was the best way, I hope that to balance things your wife is going to keep her hairs the time which it pushes back

  5. You're right, in a few weeks they will be back to their initial length, and sure, better do it when she is away than when she is around (and that's what I am going to convince her about this weekend, to apologize for suggesting you did it to piss her off, which was just a joke by the way... I just couldn't help figuring out Mathilde's reaction to this and it seems I was right ;-)
    Enjoy your last days in India !

  6. mi ricordo ancora la reazione (soprattutto lo sguardo senza parole) di nino al ristorante quando mi vide per la prima volta dopo il taglio a 1 mm (fatto senza avvisarlo prima...)
    Con un oxfordiano self control aveva semplicemente commentato, dopo qualche secondo di incertezza "oh be', per fortuna ricresceranno"...
    e infatti sono ricresciuti...
    ma diciamolo, a noi marchisio brothers, con la nostra bella testa tonda, il taglio monk-style dona!

  7. @ Clemence: no worries, don't apologize. And really, a haircut is just a haircut (and what matters is the inside ;)

    @ Ky: a me il tuo taglio alla Sinead O'Connor piaceva. E poi dopo un giorno ci si abitua...

  8. per il momento ho rapato solo davidino... ad andreone non sono ancora cresiuti... prima o poi ci prover├▓...
    e se poi io non avessi la testa tonda????

  9. se sei una marchisio brother, c'avrai senz'altro anche tu la testa tonda...

  10. btw, as of today, 4 december - 5 days after the 'offence', my hair have already re-grown quite a bit!

  11. @silvia: una volta nella vita bisogna provare!