Monday, December 6, 2010


Do you remember Cristina, the free-lance photographer who travelled from Italy to India by train, and that we hosted for a few days a few weeks ago? (click here if you don’t recall her).

We like her pictures. We believe she has eye, talent… ‘touch’. We feel her pictures emanate warmth, passion. (And we think she should be a bit more ‘bold’ in promoting herself - but that’s another story).

Cristina has a very nice website where some of her works are displayed: journeys by train (her favourite theme), musicians, miners... However, she thinks her website is still ‘not ready’, and doesn’t want it to be shared widely yet.

We respect her will, and while waiting the website to be finally ready, we post here one of the pictures she took during her journey to India - a gift she left to thank us for the hospitality…

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