Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dr. Shot

Those who know me well know that needles, syringes, injections, and I do not get along very much.

I often tell the anecdote of when - at the age of eighteen - I went to give my blood for the first time. As you may know, before you are actually allowed to donate your blood, you need to do a quick blood test to prove you are suitable for donating the blood. Well, even before the nurse placed the needle on my arm, I miserably faint. And while the other donors were trying to comfort me saying that every donor faint at least once in his life, the doctor on duty approached me and told me “perhaps you should consider not giving your blood…”

Since then I carefully try to avoid needles, syringes, injections, samples - and when I cannot avoid them, I ask to lie down, and look on the other side…

Well then, today I had to overcome all my ancestral fears as I had to give Mathilde a shot of cortisone to prevent the risks of a breast infection.

Result: Mathilde is fine now, and - above all - I have managed not to faint. Perhaps a side effect of the new responsibilities that fatherhood entails…


  1. excuse meeee... a whole post about you using a syringe? Come on Matteo, Mathilde delivered a baby after 2 days in pain and multitasked in the meantime! what are u made of??? (porca miseria!!!) :D

  2. Condivido: "what are you made of???" (porca miseria!!!)

  3. do start give a shot to someone without fainting, and then we can talk...