Friday, August 5, 2011

The three days that changed our lives

Tuesday, 12.20 am

When, after having thanked and said good-bye to the medical staff and the nurses that assisted us during the past three days and having reached our car in the parking of the clinic, ready to go back home after three days of intense emotions, we heard the voice of a nurse running after us crying: “Mr. Marchisio! Ms. Mathilde! Wait, wait! You forgot Leonardo in the nursery!”, Mathilde and I looked at each other, and placing a hand on our forehead we said almost at the same time: “I knew we forgot something!”.

As flipped through the magic box of a conjurer (prestigiatore, prestidigitateur), we entered the clinic on Tuesday in two, and we exited it today in three. And after months imagining, discussing, speculating about how this moment could have been, and before we could decide whether we were ready or not, we were suddenly (and irreversibly) thrown into this new situation, a bit dazed, but aware that every hours that passes from now on, it will become more and more difficult to remember how our lives before Leonardo broke into them were…

Friday, 11.50 am


  1. le magie della matematica: 1+1 = 3

  2. matteo, it is great that you keep writing, thanks !!
    You are a very cute little family and we miss you.


  3. @ ky: la matematica non e' un'opinione, e' un dato di fatto!

    @ clemence: thanks for following (and for your support from behind the ocean ;). i'll do my best to keep the blog up to date, forgive me in advance if i don't manage to respond to everyone individually...

    @ deb: thanks, we really look forward to introducing him to you. any plan to pass by rome? ;)

  4. i intend to take a vacation at some point since its been long time since i had a proper one.. maybe i can come by in october?? :)

    bisous and i am loving the updates!

  5. @ projeto pupunha: eres la bienvenida!

  6. hahahhaa I can't believe you forgot the baby! After all the effort!