Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Per fortuna c’è Masha!

Paternity leaves are indeed a great invention. But there is a contradiction in terms: paternity leaves are anything but leaves!

In the past weeks I have been on duty 24/7, working as hard as during my worst missions: do the grocery, cook, wash-up the dishes, tidy-up the house, change Leo, start the washing machine, talk to the obstetrician, call the doctor, run to the pharmacy (oh no, it’s closed! obvious: it’s August…), look for the pharmacy on duty, run to purchase other diapers, baby-oil, baby-soap, baby-shampoo, baby-cream, a feeding bottle, a sterilizer (how many things does a baby need???), change Leo, hang out the washing, have Leo having his bath, cook, wash-up the dishes, calm down Leo, water the plants, have a walk with Leo, change Leo…

Luckily Masha has arrived on Sunday to give us a hand.

Against all the cliché, I have never been so happy to see my mother-in-law...

Long life to Masha!

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