Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Il buco nell’acqua

You may have noted a drastic change in the ‘editorial line’ of our Blog in the past weeks. Well, the truth is that the arrival of Leo has monopolized our days, our energies, and our attentions - and, consequently, the content of our posts…

However, please, do provide us with your feedback and let us know if you endorse this change in course or if you regret the past posts…

Meanwhile, in an attempt to avoid to overwhelm you with pictures of Leo, we decided to post today an ‘old style’ post which tells you a bit about our life in Rome (or, better, about how our life in Rome used to be...). Without knowing from where to start, we decided to continue from where we stopped - and, precisely, from the post we were writing on the night of August 1 before Mathilde told she was ‘ready’…


Among the cultural events we attended along the embankments of the Tiber, a short-film exhibition. And among the shorts we watched, the one we liked more is ‘Il buco nell’acqua’ (The hole in the water).

To be honest, the movie is cute, but not a masterpiece. What amused us is that this movie, which participated to the 48 Hours Film Project Competition 2011, has been written, shot, edited, dubbed, ‘soundtracked’, etc. in only 48 hours!

Have a look…


  1. Thanks for the video Matteo! I did not know about this 48 Hour Film Project and ended up watching all the short movies I could find online from the 2011 Roma list ( The challenge is that they all had to take into account 3 mandatory elements: a cook, a Santa Claus hat and one sentence ("questo è un treno che non va perso"). Plus, each team was assigned a different theme (fantastic, horror, drama,...). I liked the Audience Award Winner (Cieresse) and Deliziosa Maledizione. Not too convinced by "Se riesco parto", the winner. Amazing to see how all of these teams can produce such high quality stuff in only 48 hours... complimenti a loro!

  2. yes, it's a very cool competition. and the same competition is organized in over fifty cities in the world every year (have a look at:

    ah, if i were not a boring economist, i would have not minded to become an extrovert film director...

  3. nice post.. but i already miss leo.. and mathilde... :)

    kisses to all and I hope you all have a great weekend!!

  4. upon request: