Saturday, August 6, 2011

Uncle Giglio and Auntie Josephine

In the past few days we got in contact and interacted with a number of people - doctors, nurses, cleaning ladies, expectant fathers, new mums, etc. - some just for a few minutes, some only once -- but with all of them we shared something and we learnt of gained something.

Among all the people we met and that gave us something, we would like to remember and thank two of them in particular: Dr. Giglio, the gynecologist that followed Mathilde during the past few weeks and during delivery, and Giuseppina (Giusy in the ward, or Josephine à la francais), the midwife who took care of Mathilde during delivery, and who has been teaching us how to handle Leo in the past days*.

In a way, Leo is a bit theirs as well…

(*) We soon discovered in fact that babies do not come with an instruction booklet…

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