Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank-you (and first pictures)

Dear family and friends,

While waiting to thank you better and individually for all your comments on the Blog, posts on Facebook, SMS, telephone calls, etc., we would like to send a short but heartfelt message to thank you for having been so close to us (even from far away) in this special day for us.

Thank-you, thank-you very much.

And now, let us introduce you Leonardo… J

(Ps: please, don't feel you need to offer us something. But if you have decided to do so, please, do not send anything to Rome. Beside the fact that a few packages already got lost (Italian mail system), we have to pay 40% of their value in custom duties or return the package. If you wish to offer us something, please get in contact with us. We are setting up an online 'birth list' and we will send you the website address).


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Welcome blessed Leonardo! Dani and I are very happy for you and we can't wait to meet him! (and Les M&M)!! Lots of luv and kisses from internet challenged Sicily! Dani& Dani

  2. congratulations!!! he is precious. i am so happy for the 3 of you. what a beautiful family. please include me on the birth list.. now you have to have les m&m&l blog!! so happy for you..

    gros bisous/baci

  3. mi sembra uguale a tutti i bambini appena nati.
    Però questo è speciale: è uno splendido nipotino. Ho notato le espressioni compiaciute dei genitori. E Matt truccato da dottore.....

  4. We want to see the baby, not the M&Ms!!!!
    Baci e complimenti a mamma e a papa', improbabile chirurgo!

  5. Che belli che siete tutti e 3!!!! Congratulazioni e ancora benvenutissimo Leo!!!
    Un bacio speciale alla mamma!
    The minuts

  6. @ dani & dani: thanks! enjoy sicily, and looking forward to seeing you at your return :)

    @ deborah: thanks :) (ps: we'll send the website of the birth list via email)

    @ m2: anche le zebre sembrano tutte uguali. ma non lo sono! ogni zebra e' unica. questo bimbo e' unico: e' leonardo marchisio!

    @ emanuele: se guardate bene c'e' anche leonardo nelle foto. non e' colpa nostra se e' piccolino... (ps: se non fosse che mi fanno impressioni gli aghi, che mi fa impressione il sangue, e che non ho molta manualita', sarei stato un ottimo chirurgo...)

    @ minuts: ansiosi di farvelo conoscere, e che faccia amicizia con duccio :)