Thursday, August 4, 2011

Introducing Leonardo

Leo, day 2

By popular demand, here it is the first post on Leo: introducing Leonardo.

Let’s start with the biometrics: Leo weighted 3.1 kg (6.8 pounds) and was 51 cm (20.1 inches) tall at birth.

Physically, he was (still is) quite bold, without chin, and with a light Chinese cut on his eyes (buon sangue non mente: blood will tell out).

As far as his personality is concerned, Leo seems relatively quiet (even though the nurses told us not to crow too early, and to wait a couple of days more…), and quite a thoughtful baby.

And now let’s start the game of the resemblances: in your opinion, who does Leo resemble to?


  1. He is precious! I think Leo is a perfect mix of you both! The giraffe wasn't meant to mislead us, was it? ;-) Congratulations again. Enjoy every moment.

  2. he is beautiful matteo and mathilde!!!! i am so happy for both of you and i love that you are keeping up the blog with lots of photos. makes me feel close, yet far. i hope mathilde is doing well and that you are also getting some rest. he is precious!!

    gros bisou/baci


  3. Splendido!!!! Congratulazioni!!!!

    Un abbraccio

    Sara & Tommy

  4. Ma e' bellissimo! Congratulazioni ancora!
    Come sta Mathilde? E il papa' e' molto agitato?
    Non vediamo l'ora di vedervi! Baci
    The Minuts
    Lara, Arnalldo e Duccio

  5. thank you all :)

    minuts, quando tornate a roma? dobbiamo festeggiare con baby cerbo as well...